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A Certification in Sexual Medicine (FECSM) – Need of the Hour

The most abused field in medicine in India is Sexual Medicine. Why do I say this? Sexual medicine does not exist as a separate entity. Neither does it belong to a specialty like Gynecology or Urology. There is neither a Department of Sexual medicine nor is there an MD degree. Who can be a sexologist in India?
Ha Ha Ha, Anyone?

A demand for this field is nefariously created by quacks who announce remedies for nonexistent ailments. Advertisements abound. Valiant men are reduced to fuzzy ducks. With the amount of mystery or shall we say “refusal to see” surrounding sexuality and sexual medicine it is no wonder that there is abuse!


How do we recognize a sexologist? Tough Questiion!!! . My theory is simple. There are International bodies (ISSM/ESSM) which regulate this process. The first step towards this is a certification in Sexual Medicine. The Fellow of European Committee in Sexual Medicine (FECSM) is the first of its kind certification to be awarded to deserving candidates. Primarily meant for the European Union, the certification quickly spread to involve other countries as well. A tough exam which tests your knowledge from the basics to the recent advances IN Sexual Medicine needs to be aced for this certification. With the FECSM comes credibility and Boy… Am I glad I killed it!!!!


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