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6 Natural Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Testosterone, a very important male sexual health hormone. Not just for sexual health, optimal amounts of testosterone helps in muscle growth, fat loss and also helps in maintaining good health. Did you know that testosterone is important for women too? Though women produce it in very small quantities (compared to men), it helps in maintaining their reproductive tissues and bone mass.

As men age, the amount of testosterone produced by the body drops. Usually it is not significantly visible until after 40s. But, if you are falling short of testosterone in your 30s, it can cause some fertility related issues such as erectile dysfunction and you must see an expert sexologist immediately.  Here are few supplements that can push your body make more testosterone:

Vitamin D

A free of cost and THE MOST vital vitamin about which we understand very little. Our modern day lifestyle and the dream for a fairer skin, keeps us indoors mostly and far away from sun light. Not exposing our bodies to sunlight causes Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D improves the testosterone levels and the sperm quality. As per a research conducted, men who spent time in the sun produced more testosterone levels and increased vitamin D levels compared to those who didn’t spend time in the sun. So, get out and get some sun light for a healthy and strong body.

Visit this article to read more about link between Vitamin D and Sperm Motility.

Vitamin D from Sunlight is very important for boosting testosterone levels in men

Tribulus Terrestris / Gokshura (Indian / Sanskrit name)

A small thorny bud type plant that we used to see almost in every waste land when we were young but we never knew what it was and the good it can do to humans. Gokshura improves sex drive and increased testosterone levels in men. Studies and researches have been done and the results showed that even men who were suffering from erectile dysfunction were able to get some erections after they took Gokshura for at least 90 days. However, men with normal levels of testosterone showed no significant increase in the levels, see the beauty of this natural supplement, it helps you only if you are in need.

Fenugreek or Menthee is very important for boosting testosterone levels in men

Fenugreek / Menthee (in Hindi)

  1. Fenugreek / Menthee is one of the very common ingredients in traditional Indian diet. It is believed that fenugreek helps in testosterone boosting by not allowing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. As men age, body produces lesser testosterone and long with that, some of it get converted to estrogen. This double loss of testosterone causes infertility, increase in body weight, lower muscle stamina etc. Consuming 500mg to 1mg of fenugreek everyday has proved that it can:
  2. Boost free testosterone levels
  3. Improve sexual performance
  4. Increase energy levels
  5. Improve overall health in men.

If you are working out, you will see a slighter increase in muscle growth and stamina with regular consumption of fenugreek.

Fenugreek in other Indian languages:

Tamil – Vendayam / Venthayam

Telugu – Menthulu

Kannada – Menthya

Malayalam – Uluva

Hindi – Methi / Menthee


You will be surprised to know the benefits when you consume it regularly for 30 days. It doesn’t just spice up your tea but also your sexual life by improving testosterone levels and luteinizing hormone.


  1. Reduces inflammation
  2. Improves testosterone levels and helps infertile men
  3. Increases luteinizing hormone levels
  4. Increases sperm count
Ginger is very important for boosting testosterone levels in men
Zinc is very important for boosting testosterone levels in men


Along with Vitamin D, zinc plays a very very important role in improving testosterone levels in a man. It is termed one among good ‘aphrodisiac’s that are naturally available. As per several studies conducted, it was evident that reducing intake of zinc reduced the testosterone levels. In other studies, infertile men and men with fertility problems and low levels of zinc were given zinc supplements and the results showed increase in testosterone levels and sperm count.  Foods that are rich in zinc are:

    1. Meat
    2. Shellfish
    3. Lenthils, beans
    4. Whole grains
    5. Nuts
    6. Watermelon seeds
    7. Dairy and dairy products.


(Withania Somnifera) Ancient Indian medicine system, ayurveda talked about this very long ago but not many really take this one seriously. Ashwagandha is of the best adaptogens that are naturally available. It relieves stress & anxiety primarily, which is very important in modern day lifestyle.

Did you know that stress & anxiety can cause infertility in otherwise healthy men?

Benefits of regular consumption of Ashwagandha:

  1. Increase in testosterone levels
  2. Increase in sperm count & quality
  3. Increase in exercise performance, strength and fat loss
Ashwagandha is very important for boosting testosterone levels in men

By now, you would have realized that healthy levels of testosterone are very important for a man. Irrespective of whether he is in his 20s or in 40s, optimal levels are very much needed for proper bodily functions.


  1. Hello sir my name is sasikumar, age-30 i am married completed one year six month. I don’t have sperm production. Hormone test normal, scortum test normal but prostate scan report multiple small cysts noted in bilateral seminal vesicles and small midline cyst measuring 2.8×2.1 mm noted within the prostate posterior to prostatic urethra, pls reply sir

    • Hello Mr. SasiKumar, please take an appointment and see me at my clinic with your reports.
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      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

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