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6 Myths & Facts about IVF

What is IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)?

In simple terms, when a couple are not able to reproduce normally, sperm and egg are retrieved from their bodies, fertilized to form an embryo in lab (mostly in a test tube) and that embryo is implanted into the uterus of the female.

The implanted embryo then grows into a baby like it happens in normal conception. This process of implanting an embryo into the uterus of a female is called IVF – InVitro Fertilization.

Does IVF solve all Infertility problems? What are the myths and facts related to IVF? Come, lets explore.

Invitro Fertilization at Metromale Clinic & Fertility Center

Myth 01 – Success rate in IVF is 100%. IVF Can solve all fertility related problems.

If you have read through the introduction para on our homepage, you would have already known that 100% success in IVF is a terrible lie. Typical success rate ranges from 20% to 50% at the best.

IVF cannot solve all fertility related problems. Given the plethora of problems and causes that can cause infertility in men, IVF is just one among several other procedures such as Sperm Mapping, ICSI (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection), IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination), Ovulation Induction etc to achieve pregnancy in infertile couple.

Myth 02 – IVF is not safe. Babies born through IVF have birth defects.

IVF is nearly a 100% safe procedure. Rarely, only 2% of women may experience Ovarian Hyper-stimulation syndrome. Most of the times, the babies born via IVF are 100% normal. Very rarely, such babies have any birth defects.

Myth 03 – IVF treatment requires admission into a hospital before and after the procedure.

Not true. Only the day when the egg is collected from the woman, they may be admitted for a day. (Need not even stay over night). It is just like an out patient procedure when the embryo is implanted in to the woman’s uterus. It is recommended to continue with your daily routine instead of sticking to bed after the embryo implant.

Myth 04 – Lifestyle modifications can increase the success rate of IVF (Smoking/Sleep/Alcohol/Drug Abuse/Stress etc).

Partially true.

  1. Poor Nutrition – Can have an impact on fertility. Women who are underweight or obese with BMI over 30 can have difficulty conceiving. It is advisable to have proper nutrition and maintain healthy body weight.
  2. Alcohol consumtpion, smoking, weed – these can have affects on sperm quality and quantity, which affects fertility in men. Pregnant women are advised to stay away from Smoking and Alcohol to beget a healthier child.
  3. Sleep – A good night sleep for 7 to 8 hours is required to maintain optimum fertility levels. People who over slept (above 9 hours) or under slept (less than 7 hours) a day, are shown to be less fertile than those who get the right amount of sleep. Same goes with success rate of IVF too.
  4. Stress – This does not affect fertility directly, people who are under stress due to their personal life or due to work are prone to have fertility problems such as low sperm count and lower sperm quality.

Myth 05 – Women are the major reason for infertility in childless couple.

Not true. As per some research articles, 35% of the times, problem lies with women. 35% of the times, it is because of men’s infertility.

20% of the times, the problem lies with both man and woman.  Only 10% of the times, doctors may not be able to figure out the source of the problem.

Myth 06 – Doctors don’t have control over the success rates of IVF.

Not entirely true.

A thorough evaluation of the couple, proficiency of the doctors, well equipped labs that adhere to standards will surely improve the success rate of IVF.

Just because a promise was made to achieve 100% success rate on their boards and websites, patients should not trust and go in for the procedures.


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